Love your job or hate it, there's one way to improve it. Don't have a job? Help yourself to get one through the process of continued education and upskilling. Learning and studying while being part of the same family, are not autonomous. In order to achieve the career goals you set for yourself, often you need to look further than just 'learning on the job'.

Being proactive and expanding skills can lead to a plethora of opportunities within the workplace as well as providing the chance for a career change depending on what you choose to study.  With the internet being such a useful tool for learning and distributing information, many companies now offer online courses at varying prices.

Short courses

Short courses are an excellent way to expand on knowledge that you already have. A short course can range in duration from a day to a few months but with the advantage of receiving some sort of qualification upon competition. Within the workplace, this new qualification could result in a promotion or a pay rise. It proves that you are committed to you job, that you want to learn more and expand your skills. It also has the potential to assist you in finding a new job as your dedication to the field in which you study in can show great potential and willingness. Many short courses are also optimised as database of knowledge for those who are wanting to get answers. You don't have to have a reason for seeking further education other than just being interested in the topic and committing to completing the course. 

Degrees and diplomas

If you're looking for more of a challenge or a career change, a longer and widely recognised course may be just the thing. Many universities offer full degrees online meaning that they are flexible and can fit around whatever schedule you have. With this kind of option available, a whole new career change could be closer than once thought. Study and complete assessments just like you would if you were sitting in class with people who were interested in the same thing, and once complete you'd have a recognised  degree and qualification that would allow you to change and transform your career.

Studying and contributing your education as an adult can result a whole let more than just exlanded knowledge and cool certificate. It can help you to re-evaluate what you're interested in and how you want to be spending you're 9-5 working hours for the better. For more information, contact a business such as Marg Tolliday - OET Workshop pty ltd.