If you are thinking of applying for your dangerous goods driving licence, you may be wondering about the medical examination you will have to pass as part of the course. Below is a guide to information will have to provide the doctor as part of your dangerous goods course medication examination.

Details of any heart conditions

The doctor will also ask you if you have suffered from or currently receive treatment for any heart conditions such as heart disease, hypertension or heart attack. You will also be asked if there is any history of heart problems in your family. It is important that you give accurate information to the doctor, as suffering a heart attack while behind the wheel of a truck carrying dangerous goods could have a disastrous outcome.

Details of your alcohol consumption

As part of your medical exam, you will be required to provide details of your weekly alcohol consumption. The form detailing alcohol consumption will normally ask for different types of information, such as how many days per week you drink alcohol and the number of drinks you consume on these days. The form may also ask you to declare if you have ever been involved in an accident or received a conviction as a result of being under the influence of alcohol. You will also be asked if you have ever received any form of treatment for alcohol misuse or addiction. This information will allow the doctor to make an assessment of your ability to drive a vehicle which is carrying dangerous goods. You're unlikely to be a suitable candidate for dangerous goods training if you are going to be drunk or hungover when in command of a vehicle.

Details of any sight or hearing issues

The doctor will ask you questions to do with your eye sight so they can determine any issues you may be experiencing and the treatment you have received to rectify your vision. You may be asked to complete an eye exam in which you need to read from a chart with different sized letters on it. You will also be asked about any hearing problems you may have and may also be required to take an audio examination in order to assess your ability to hear different frequencies. 

If you would like further information about the medical checks carried out when you apply for a dangerous goods course, you should contact a training school today.