You probably wonder how heavy truck drivers manage to take that tight turn with ease and perfection. To an ordinary person, it looks hard and complicated but what you might not be aware of is that the drivers undergo specialised training which assists them in managing the entire truck. Here are a couple of training courses required to be able to operate a heavy truck efficiently:

1.      Medium Rigid Truck Training – To operate a vehicle with a single rear axle as well as a GVM more than eight tones, then you require a Medium Rigid license. The training is required for those who wish to operate general freight deliveries, furniture removalist as well as food product distributions. The training encompasses a pre-driving training theory course for first-time drivers as well as driver training for those aware of traffic rules and obligations. The medium rigid truck training will enable the driver to be able to perfectly manage engine power while at the same time reducing engine and gear wear. The training also assists the driver in maintaining visibility during reverse operations as well as position the vehicle well on the road. The training will also include successful path identity as well defensive driving which is used to avoid hazards.

2.      Heavy Combination Truck Training – The heavy combination truck training is essential for anyone looking to operate a prime mover which has a semi-trailer with a GVM that has more than 9 tonnes. A similar license is also required for one who seeks to operate a rigid vehicle that is attached to a trailer bearing more than 9 metric tons. Such training is necessary for drivers who wish to transport containers, drive tankers as well as provide refrigerated transport. The training will enable the driver to start the vehicle correctly, position and manoeuvre it well on the roads. The driving will also assist with the conduction of both coupling and un-coupling procedures. The heavy combination truck training also helps in the safe loading of a vehicle while using the most appropriate load resistance process. Through the skilled training, a driver will be more than capable of operating heavy combination trucks with ease.

3.      Multi Combination Truck Training – The multi combination training license is essential for the operation of heavy combination vehicles which come with more than one trailer. This is used for roles such as B Double Trippers, road trains, line hauls as well as interstate and intrastate driving. The training will assist in the correct management of engine power which will reduce cases of both gear and engine wear. It is also applicable in defensive driving as well as the accurate steering and positioning of the vehicle.